Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center expecting to care for thousands of babies this season

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – The Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is preparing for one of the busiest wildlife baby season yet.

May and June are their busiest months of the year so the center is asking for your help.

Currently they have about 100 babies in their care but are expecting thousands by the time the season is over.

WWWRC said this means you may see some out and about, but game warden Shane Lewis advises against touching the wildlife unless you truly see something wrong.

“Just give them space…if you have problems with wildlife getting around your home,” said Shane Lewis, Texas game warden. “Just be good stewards over wildlife, just take care of those little animals when you can.”

Ways you can prepare yourself is by leaving a box in your car with a blanket in case you need to pick up wildlife and bring it to the center.

But, if you see a baby fawn, Lewis says to leave them alone.

“Another really big question we get are the deer. Moms leave the fawns by their self. We do get calls but we are in Chronic Wasting Disease zone…so we don’t take fawns,” said Lewis. “Leave the fawn there. It’s going to have a better chance of survival by being picked up by another deer or something in that nature. But picking it up…we’re just going to have to return it back to where it was.”

There are ways you can help WWWRC this season, especially as the center goes through a lot of formula every single day to take care of the animals.

“We have an Amazon wish list, and that’s what a lot of our formula is on. We have formula, nibbles, bottles, syringes. It takes a lot to feed all of these babies,” said Dedra Lewis, Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Supplies that can help the center are formula, frozen mice and transport kennels.

You can make donations through Facebook PayPal, on their website, or check out their Amazon wishlist.

You can also donate by scanning the QR code below and you’ll get to their 2022 Baby Shower Fundraiser.

2022 Baby Season
2022 Baby Season(KFDA)

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