Putin’s war sets Russian economy back 4 years in single quarter | Russia-Ukraine war News

A wave of international sanctions after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine disrupted Russia’s trade and threw various of its industries into paralysis. By Bloomberg NewsBloomberg Published On 12 Aug 2022Aug 12, 2022 President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine set Russia’s economy back four years in the first full quarter after the attack, putting it on track … Read more

Nord Stream Gas Flows Drop On Friday Afternoon

Physical natural gas flows on the Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Germany dropped to 13 million kWh/h on early Friday afternoon in Europe, data from Nord Stream showed. The flows were at 13 million kWh/h between 1 pm and 2 pm CET on Friday, down from 14.48 million kWh/h in the previous hour. Nominations … Read more

Russia turns to recruiting prisoners as it struggles to replenish troops

Russian soldiers walk through the debris of the Metallurgical Combine Azovstal, in Mariupol, Ukraine, on June 13.The Associated Press The prisoners at the penal colony in St. Petersburg were expecting a visit by officials, thinking it would be some sort of inspection. Instead, men in uniform arrived and offered them amnesty – if they agreed … Read more

New satellite images show damage at Russian air base struck in Crimea – National

Satellite pictures released on Thursday showed devastation at a Russian air base in Crimea, hit in an attack that suggested Kyiv may have obtained new long-range strike capability with potential to change the course of the war. Pictures from independent satellite firm Planet Labs showed three near-identical craters where buildings at Russia’s Saki air base … Read more

Satellite pictures show devastation at Russian air base in Crimea

This satellite image provided by Planet Labs PBC shows destroyed Russian aircraft at Saki Air Base after an explosion Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022.Planet Labs PBC/The Associated Press Satellite pictures released on Thursday showed devastation at a Russian air base in Crimea, hit days earlier in an attack that suggested Kyiv may have obtained new long-range … Read more

Russians buy last goods from H&M, IKEA as stores begin exit | Russia-Ukraine war News

Mega-retailers H&M and IKEA are unloading their stocks in Russia as they wind down their business in the country. Russians are snapping up Western fashion and furniture this week as H&M and IKEA sell off the last of their inventory in Russia, moving forward with their exit from the country after it sent troops into … Read more

At least 9 Russian warplanes destroyed in Crimea strikes, Ukraine says – National

Ukraine’s air force said Wednesday that nine Russian warplanes were destroyed in massive explosions at an air base in Crimea amid speculation they were the result of a Ukrainian attack that would represent a significant escalation in the war. Russia denied any aircraft were damaged in Tuesday’s blasts — or that any attack took place. … Read more

From Coal To Gas And Back: How Europe Is Easing Its Energy Crisis

Last year in November, the UK, together with key partner Italy, hosted the COP26 climate summitan event many believed to be the world’s best last chance to get runaway climate change under control. A key outcome of the summit was that dozens of nations pledged to end deforestation, curb CO2 and methane emissions and also … Read more

Russia dangles freedom to prisoners if they fight in Ukraine. Many are taking the deadly gamble

CNN — Promises of freedom and riches are made to convicts in cramped jail cells. Frantic phone calls ensue between relatives and inmates weighing the offer. Then prisoners vanish, leaving their loved ones to sift through reports of the wounded arriving in hospitals. This scene is playing out in the convict communities across Russia. With … Read more

Ukraine calls on West to impose travel ban on Russians as Moscow steps up assault

A Ukrainian commander on the front line near Pokrovske in Ukraine’s Dnipro Region, Aug. 5, 2022.DAVID GUTTENFELDER/The New York Times News Service Ukraine’s president called on the West to impose a blanket travel ban on Russians, an idea that has found support among some EU member states but angered Moscow which pressed on with a … Read more