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Charlene, Princess of Monaco has two twin children – Jacques and Gabriella, both seven years old. She shares them with Prince Albert II of Monaco, whom she has been married to since 2011. Parenting expert Jo Austin, from Tayberry Tuition and Consultancy, spoke to to outline Charlene’s techniques with her children.

Jo stated she could show similarities to the parenting style of UK royals.

Jo said: “Charlene’s parenting is quite similar to many other royals in the British Royal Family.

“They all have full time jobs and royal engagements which they must attend, meaning that they can spend prolonged amounts of time away from their children.

“The Queen had a variety of royal engagements to attend throughout her children’s childhoods, and so often left them at home whilst she went on tours.

“Her parenting style could also be similar to that of Sophie Wessex and the Duchess of Cambridge, as they too were brought up out of the public eye, so therefore will be bringing their children up in a very different environment to how they were brought up ,” Jo claimed.

The expert also commented on Charlene’s style with her husband.

Jo said: “Reports have suggested that Princess Charlene and Prince Albert very much work together as a team, which any parent of twins will tell you is essential.

“Charlene is bringing her children up very much in the public eye, and therefore disciplining her children must be discreet.

“Bringing up twins in particular is difficult, as it’s very easy to parent them in the same manner, but every child is different and an individual.

“Whereas some are happy to be more independent, others need more reassurance,” the expert claimed.

Charlene and Albert, like most royal couples, face a lot of scrutiny regarding their marriage and parenting.

Jo argues that the couple will not treat their children “any differently” because of this.

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