Meghan Markle ‘rules Harry’ in royal relationship, viral ‘green line’ theory claims | Royal | News

The ‘Green Line Test’ has been circulating on social media this week, with hundreds of videos about the viral relationship theory racking up 11.2 billion views on TikTok. The trend claims that analyzing pictures of couples can reveal who wields the power in a relationship.

Originally created by Twitter user Rivelina in May 2020, the simple ‘test’ claims the way a person poses with their partner in photographs can indicate who holds “the power” in the relationship.

The viral trend involves drawing lines across the bodies of a couple to assess which one “leans” into the other.

From this, Rivelina said the person who typically leaned in toward the other was less dominant in the relationship, while the one who leaned less was in control.

According to some body language experts, the theory may stand up to scrutiny.

Mike Carter told Mail Online: “We tend to lean physically towards things that we want, like and feel strongly about.”

Relationship coach Rachel New agreed, saying that leaning indicates a person is willing to “accept influence”, which would suggest they are willing to take on board their significant other’s suggestions.

Leaning also suggests the person is open to changing their mind without becoming defensive, according to Ms New.

She said: “Men tend to be less good at this, so if the man is leaning in it is a very good sign that he feels secure and confident in himself.

“Ideally both partners would lean in, but the man leaning in is a close second for a healthy relationship.”

Celebrity fans and relationship experts have been applying the test to photos of famous couples recently to speculate which star holds the power in each relationship.

Mr Carter claims photos of royal duo Meghan Markle and Prince Harry suggest the Duchess of Sussex holds dominance in the relationship.

A number of photographs of the pair, including official engagement portraits, wedding photographs and shots from last year’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, reportedly show Harry leaning towards Meghan.

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Photos of the pair may also provide other clues about the PM’s character, he added.

Mr Carter said: “Boris always hides his hands; here, one is behind his back, and that’s not a good sign as it suggests untrustworthiness.”

Other relationship experts have debunked the viral theory.

Relationship expert Dr Lillian Glass told Newsweek: “I have analyzed thousands of people in relationships throughout the years and [the Green Line Rule] is simply not true.

“Leaning into the other person usually means that they are into that person – that they like the other person and are connecting with them.

“It’s not about power and control. It’s about affection and emotional feelings.

“When you really like a person your body tends to gravitate towards that person. You want to be close to them.”

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