How Meghan Markle controls Prince Harry with ‘The Meghan Claw’: Expert

How Meghan Markle controls Prince Harry with The Meghan Claw: Expert
How Meghan Markle controls Prince Harry with ‘The Meghan Claw’: Expert

Meghan Markle ‘insecure’ body language towards husband Prince Harry is analyzed by a body language expert.

Jesús Enrique Rosas notes how Meghan holds Harry’s hand in public and unfolds why internet calls it the ‘Meghan claw.’

“When you see enough photos of just Harry and Meghan Markle, you start to see a pattern in the way she holds not only his hand, but also his arm,” he begins before adding, “The internet vernacular refers to it as the ‘ Markle claw’.

“Some say it’s her gesture of affection, others say it’s needy and plain toxic.”

The expert then goes on to add how there is a thin line between dominance and insecurity.

“What is so fascinating about the Markle claw is that it is pretty much the same configuration all the time. Meghan has Harry’s hand tightly clasped and at the same time, she holds his arm with her other hand.

“One of the most important characteristics of a healthy relationship is touch. However, the Sussexes in their professional engagements fail to draw a line,” he says.

“In such scenarios, it is better to not display such gestures as it makes your look unprofessional. In the case of the Markle claw, the problem is much more obvious because it limits Harry’s movement,” adds the expert.

“When Meghan holds Harry both ways, it does not look like she wants him to go away. It looks needy. That feels like a lot of insecurity on her part,” he notes.

Meghan and Harry jointly stepped back as senior royals in 2020, a move termed Megxit by Britons. The couple now live in Montecito, California with their two children; Archie and Lilibet.

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