Guidelines for Wildlife Management Areas, camping in ND this holiday weekend

MINOT, ND (KMOT) – North Dakota Game and Fish Department is reminding citizens that possession or use of fireworks in state wildlife management areas, or WMA’s, are prohibited.

Camping restrictions have been lifted through the end of July 6 for the 4th of July holiday.

Officials with Game and Fish said they want residents to have fun while also protecting the areas.

They said the prevention of wildfires is key, especially during these hot summer days.

“When you get into fireworks of course that has the ability if used wrong to remove a lot of the number one primary goal that we have on our wildlife management areas if you have a wildfire that burns out of control,” said Casey Anderson.

The WMA’s goal is to enhance wildlife production and to provide hunting and fishing opportunities.

Fireworks, model rocket engines, or combustible or explosive materials are prohibited in any wildlife areas.

“Into a holiday such as the Fourth of July and things like that we will sometimes lift those restrictions for the week closest to the holiday,” said Anderson.

A complete list of the WMA regulations can be found below.

Wildlife Management Areas – Regulations

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