Stuck in Vermont: Julianna and Sophia Parker of Otter Creek Wildlife Rescue Help Animals — and Humans, Too | Stuck in Vermont | Seven Days

Julianna Parker began rehabilitating orphaned baby birds at age 19. Years later, her daughter Sophia followed her mom’s lead, rescuing small critters and learning how to care for them. For the past 11 years, the two have joined forces as Otter Creek Wildlife Rescue in Addison. Sophia is almost 24 and works two jobs. Julianna … Read more

‘Exhausted’ volunteers forced to close wildlife rescue centre due to soaring costs

‘Exhausted’ animal lovers at a wildlife rescue center say it is being forced to close its doors to new admissions due to the soaring cost-of-living. Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue, which is run by volunteers, says the rising cost of feed, petrol and energy bills, combined with a drop in donations caused by the financial crisis has … Read more

MixMitti’s latest edit is a genuine effort to conserve environment and wildlife

Promise to Protect by MixMitti Accessories label MixMitti is not only genuinely treading the path of sustainable fashion but is also making an impact with its vision to conserve wildlife. The Delhi-based brand steered by Shivani Bajpai, a designer and an aspirational photographer, is using plant-based materials to break the chain of leather-based products. And … Read more

Wild turkeys in your neighborhood? Massachusetts wildlife officials want your help

State wildlife officials monitoring the ballooning wild turkey population are encouraging people to report any wild hens, toms, poults and jakes they come across throughout the region. MassWildlife is urging the public to contribute to the state’s annual Wild Turkey Brood Survey, which helps estimate wild turkey numbers, productivity, reproductive success and fall harvest potential. … Read more

Wildlife photography ethics are complicated

“This is the best time in history to be a wildlife photographer,” Melissa Groo says. But, “it’s the worst time in history to be a wild animal,” the conservation photographer says. Animals are threatened by climate change, human population growth and habitat loss. Combined with other issues like invasive species and disease, the world is … Read more

109 live animals found in women’s luggage in massive airport wildlife trafficking bust

LONDON– Two women have been arrested in Thailand for allegedly attempting to smuggle at least 109 live animals in their luggage — including porcupines, armadillos, turtles, chameleons and snakes — as they tried to board a flight to India. The incident occurred on Monday at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport as two Indian women tried to make … Read more

Wildlife Wednesday: Blanding’s turtles

Turtles have lived on Earth since before dinosaurs existed. One rare species, the Blanding’s turtle, lives primarily in the Great Lakes region. This specific turtle, along with painted and snapping turtles, makes its home at Wildlife Recovery Association’s Little Swamp Sanctuary in Midland County. Dr. Jim Gillingham, former professor of herpetology at Central Michigan University, … Read more