NASA to reveal deepest image ever taken of universe

A wonder of engineering, Webb is able to gaze further into the cosmos than any telescope before it thanks to its enormous primary mirror and its instruments that focus on infrared, allowing it peer through dust and gas. NASA administrator Bill Nelson said Wednesday the agency will reveal the “deepest image of our universe that … Read more

A sanitizer in the galactic center region

The position of star-forming molecular cloud Sgr B2 close to the central source of the Milky Way, Sgr A* (Background Image: GLOSTAR). The isomers propanol and iso-propanol were both detected in Sgr B2 using the ALMA telescope. Credit: GLOSTAR collaboration (background image). Wikipedia/public domain (molecule models). An international group of researchers led by Arnaud Belloche … Read more

Objective Reality May Not Exist, Scientists Say

One of the biggest mysteries in quantum mechanics is whether physical reality exists independent of its observer. New research from Brazil provides strong evidence that there might be mutually exclusive, yet complementary physical realities in the quantum realm. Future research on the great quantum debate might give us super-disruptive quantum technologies—and probably starting answers to … Read more

China Has Imaged The Whole Of Mars –  And The Shots Are Mind-Blowing

An image of Mars’s “Arabian Highlands” impact crater is captured by the camera in the center of the orbiter. Image credit: CNSA China has completed its global imaging of Mars, fulfilling the prime missions of the robotic spacecraft Tianwen-1. The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the main contractor for the Chinese National Space Administration … Read more