Governors asked to halt protests at SCOTUS justices’ homes

The Supreme Court’s security chief has asked officials in Maryland and Virginia to pull the plug on picketing and “threatening activity” outside justices’ homes — after the US Department of Justice dragged its feet on enforcing federal laws barring such protests. Supreme Court Marshal Gail Curley wrote letters to Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, Maryland Gov. … Read more

Jeffersonville police find decomposing bodies in funeral home

Jeffersonville police continued their investigation into Lankford Funeral Home into the mid-Saturday morning hours.Police along with other law enforcement and regulatory agencies secured the facility yesterday, where they could be seen working in yellow hazmat suits.They were alerted to a smell coming from the business. Authorities discovered 31 bodies—some in advance states of decomposition. They … Read more

Ancient DNA yields surprising findings on world’s earliest seafarers

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain New genetic research from remote islands in the Pacific offers fresh insights into the ancestry and culture of the world’s earliest seafarers, including family structure, social customs, and the ancestral populations of the people living there today. The work, described in the journal Sciencereveals five previously undocumented migrations into a subregion … Read more

3 officers killed, 4 others hurt when man opens fire on police serving warrant in Kentucky

Three officers were killed when a man opened fire on police attempting to serve a warrant at a home in Kentucky on Thursday night, authorities said. Four other people were injured at the scene in the rural area in a mountainous part of eastern Kentucky. The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office Friday identified two of the … Read more

Mind-Bending Physics Reveals Electrons Travel in “Lanes” While Moving Along Quantum Wires

Electrons, one of the most fundamental components of our universe, still hold a few secrets that puzzle modern scientists. Since the 1920s, physicists have worked to try and unravel the workings of these negatively charged particles, and how they behave in different situations. Now, research conducted at the University of Cambridge has shed new light … Read more

Minnesota THC edibles law surprises some GOP legislators : NPR

An employee displays a limeade-flavored cannabis-infused gummy candy at the Chalice Farms industrial kitchen in Portland, Ore., in June 2016. Gillian Flaccus/AP hide caption toggle caption Gillian Flaccus/AP An employee displays a limeade-flavored cannabis-infused gummy candy at the Chalice Farms industrial kitchen in Portland, Ore., in June 2016. Gillian Flaccus/AP A new Minnesota law lets … Read more

New CERN Hadron Collider experiment sparks July 5 Doomsday conspiracies – what’s really going on

DOOMSDAY conspiracy theories are abounding as the new July 5 CERN Large Hadron Collider experiment is set to create unprecedented levels of energy. The European Organization for Nuclear Research is celebrating its tenth anniversary by restarting its Large Hadron Collider after it was shut down three years ago. 1 Conspiracy theories are abounding as CERN’s … Read more

Disorganized Tropical Storm Colin brings heavy rains, strong winds to Carolina Coast

As of 5 pm Saturday, Tropical Storm Colin was positioned about 50 miles WSW of Wilmington, North Carolina, bringing periods of heavy rainfall, gusty winds and rough surf to the South Carolina and North Carolina beaches. The Tropical Storm is moving away from Jacksonville with no direct impacts moving forward. Colin is forecast to move … Read more