Arizona primary 2022: Live election coverage

What’s new the day after Arizona’s primary election?

The governor’s race is still up for grabs, along with several others. Additional results were expected to be released Wednesday, along with more details about issues at polling places.

Follow coverage of the 2022 primary election by Arizona Republic reporters throughout the day.

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8:20 p.m.: How many votes are left to count in Maricopa County?

The phenomenon of early ballots making for some late election results is in play as the wait for the outcome of Arizona’s primary in a few key races stretches out to a second day.

Elections officials continue to count ballots from Tuesday’s primary election, and those that are slowing down the results are mostly ones that people dropped off at the polls.

Numbers released Wednesday evening showed a small increase in votes for both Kari Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson as they vie for the GOP nomination for governor. Likewise, Democratic candidates for secretary of state added to their totals, but not enough to seal the election for either Reginald Bolding or Adrian Fontes.

A person walks inside Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix to vote in the Arizona primary election on Aug. 2, 2022.

Many more results are expected with results released Thursday.

Maricopa County officials said they had about 147,450 ballots left to process. That includes 92,300 early ballots that are ready for processing and counting after workers verified the voters’ signature on the mail-in envelope. Also in the total are 54,000 ballots that still need signature verification, and 1,515 provisional ballots that need researched.

This layer of verification and processing adds to the time it takes to produce final results. Early ballots that are returned on election day (the “late earlies”) are usually set aside until the day after the election, as workers deal with getting results from early ballots that came in earlier (the “early earlies”) as well as votes cast in person at the polls.

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