A Physique Coach Explains What It Takes to Get ‘Extra Shredded’

Paul Revelia frequently shares insights and advice on fat loss, drawing on his own experience as a former competitive physique model. In a new video on his YouTube channel, Revelia speaks about how he got down to—and maintains—a body composition of less than 10 percent body fat, a stage of leanness which goes beyond “beach fit” and which he calls “extra shredded ” or “competition ready,” where there is practically no visible fat on your body.

“It all depends on your starting point,” he says. “If you’ve got 100 pounds to lose, please don’t try to do it in one shot. Take two years… When you have very little body fat to lose, that process becomes that much more detailed.”

Revelia adds that there is a difference between losing fat and the upkeep that follows. “Once you get that body fat off, it’s a lot easier to keep it off,” he says. “I actually bring food back up to pre-diet numbers prior to getting on stage in most cases, and this allows us to stay lean without as much effort as it took us to get lean.”

He speaks frankly about the benefits of being so lean; namely, the attention that he gets, which is flattering, but also useful for him as he can use his own body as an advertisement for his business. However, he also acknowledges that there are drawbacks.

“There is going to be a drop-off in performance, there’s going to be a drop-off in libido, there’s going to be a drop-off in overall energy, and you almost don’t realize it,” he says. “Whenever I diet down and get extra shredded, I don’t realize how much energy I’ve lost until I start bringing food up and body fat up… Your body is in kind of self-defense mode when your body fat is that low, and I would typically suggest when I’m coaching someone through this, diet down and stay this lean for a short amount of time.”

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