Ontario municipal governments and the services they provide online

Local government has certainly caught up with using technology in order to communicate better with their local constituents. In the city of Mississauga, one can access the city website in order to find out assessment information on various housing in the city. This can be a very valuable tool for individuals, in order to get detailed information for a particular property they’re looking to buy.

For example, on the Mississauga city website, the property maps displayed information such as previous year’s property tax, lot size, building permit history, zoning and even heritage status. The City of Toronto website has some interesting tools online as well – like a database of archived photography. Both municipal websites offer information for residents, businesses, visitors as well as information on municipal government.

Ease of information access

Most municipal governments have these websites in order to make most requested information easier to access. They will list everything from garbage collection schedules to public transportation maps and biking and recreation trails maps. Cities use their websites to let the public know what services are offered by the city.

Toronto for example regularly posts minutes of council meetings and various council and committee agendas. During important events, they even have live video streams of council chambers.
Technology has already affected stakeholders, by allowing greater interactivity and access to various municipal governments. The winner of course is the voting public, who can influence the next election by having access to all this available information.