Why a soccer stadium at Exhibition place will be a good thing

Toronto Argonauts and the Canadian Rugby teams could use stadium

The stadium at Exhibition place will be a good thing for the city of Toronto. Not only will our city be the center stage of the 2007 FIFA World Youth Championships, but it will also get its own Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise. It will also be a boost for the Canadian Soccer program as the Men’s and Women’s national teams will have a place to play in the largest city in Canada.

Venue could be used by Argos, Rugby

Thousands of young kids who play soccer in this city will have finally something to aspire to. The venue could be also used for Argos Football and even our national Rugby program in the future. Those who think that we could use our current municipal stadiums for hosting world class events are out of their mind. Most of them are inaccessible by public transportation, and just don’t have the infrastructure around them to handle massive amounts of crowds and cars.

Other cities have multiple stadiums

Cities like London, Moscow, Paris or Berlin have dozens of stadiums with a capacity of over 20,000. Why can’t we have just two? What makes this project different from a subsidized museum, art gallery, opera house, movie studio or dragon boat racetrack? A soccer stadium at Exhibition Place in Toronto is a good thing and I’m glad it finally happened.